Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What equipment or software do I need to play CryptoVideoGames? Buying and trading CryptoVideoGames only requires three things:

All About CryptoVideoGames

So, what exactly is CryptoVideoGames?

The game: With CryptoVideoGames, you can buy and sell avatars video games (XGAMES) smart contracts. There is only one XGAME smart contract, once you own it, you’re the only one in the world who has it. Until someone else comes along and pays you up to double your purchase price to own that contract! The investment: Every time you buy a smart contract, it automatically doubles in value. If someone else wants to buy it, they have to pay you two times what you purchased the contract for, doubling your investment.

How do I buy a XGAME smart contract?

Head on over to the CryptoVideoGames Marketplace, scroll through the XGAME contracts, and click on “Buy this Contract” if you see “someone” you’re interested in. You’ll need to have enough ether in your MetaMask wallet to cover the transaction; once you follow through the prompts and transfer the funds, you’re officially the only person in the world who owns that XGAME contract.

How much do XGAME smart contracts cost?

That depends on the card. Because each contract increases in cost after every transaction, the cost of each contract depends on how many times the contract has changed hands in ownership.

Can I decide not to sell my XGAME contract if someone wants to purchase it?

Nope – but that’s part of the fun. Anyone can purchase any contract that you own, any time that they want to. However, you get up to double your purchase price in return, which means you’ll have plenty of funds to buy another, cheaper contract, or a head start to repurchase the XGAME contract that you lost for the new price.

Can I use my normal currency (USD, EUR, RMB, etc.) to buy XGAME contracts?

No. Because CryptoVideoGames is run on the same blockchain technology used by Ethereum, ether is the only currency you can use to purchase XGAME contracts. You can convert your standard currency into ether through an exchange or directly through your MetaMask wallet (depending on where you live).

Are CryptoVideoGames a type of cryptocurrency?

Think of XGAME smart contracts as collectibles – the new version of baseball cards, collectible figurines, or even artwork. While they do have value, that value is based on their desirability. You can make money on CryptoVideoGames’ smart contracts by selling the contracts in the game and receiving a higher ETH amount than you originally invested.

Why isn’t my sale showing up on Etherscan?

No worries – it is. You just need to click over to the “internal transactions” tab to see the sale and wait until the transaction is recorded. Registering transaction on the blockchain requires lots of computer all over the world to sync the data. This take some time, just like a bitcoin or ethereum transfer, but also ensures and secures your ownership of the XGAME token.

Why can’t I play CryptoVideoGames on my phone or tablet?

Unfortunately, the current technology used to run the game is too much for your phone to handle. If your tablet runs Firefox or Chrome, you can play CryptoVideoGames on your tablet; however, the system runs best on a desktop or laptop with Metamask installed.

This has to be a scam. How are you making money?

We take a small percentage 6% of each transaction when a XGAME contract is purchased. That’s it. There’s no scam, and no hidden requirements. If you see a contract on the marketplace that you want to buy, you can do so for the full price, and then you own it. It’s that simple.